Mental Health Minute

ABC 6 News has partnered with Zumbro Valley Health Center to present a Mental Health Minute series entitled ‘Raising a Healthy Generation.’ Within the Mental Health Minute, health professionals will help provide education to support you and your children and teens’ mental health as it takes a village to raise healthy children.

The ‘Raising a Healthy Generation’ Mental Health Minute series airs Mondays through December.

To learn more and to stay up-to-date with information regarding mental health from Zumbro Valley Health Center, visit HERE.

Growing Up with Social Media

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(ABC 6 News) – The effects of social media on mental health can be both positive and quite destructive – but which one depends on how your adolescent uses it. With up to 95% of 13-17 year-olds consistently using at least one social media platform, it’s an easy way to stay in touch with their peers and […]

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