Fravel appears in court, faces increased bail and additional conditions

(ABC 6 News) – Adam Fravel faces multiple murder charges and has received an increased bail of $2 million dollars with conditions and $3 million without.

Fravel is currently on trial for the murder of the mother of his children Madeline Kingsbury and charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two count of second-degree murder.

Fravel was originally charged with two counts of second-degree murder, but was upgraded on Oct. 2, 2023.

Court documents revealed that prior to her murder, Fravel exhibited a pattern of abuse against Kingsbury. These documents revealed that Kingsbury confided this information to close friends.

Text messages between Kingsbury and her friend stated that Fravel had allegedly choked Kingsbury and make jokes about her “ending up like Gabby Petito,” a woman murdered by her fiancé in 2021.

Kingsbury would go missing not long after sharing this information with her friend.

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According to court documents, Fravel allegedly murdered the mother of his two children and hid her body in Mable, Minn. some time in late March. Kingsbury body would not be found until June.

Fravel’s updated conditions include:

  • He remain law-abiding
  • He makes and maintains contact with his attorney
  • He keep the court and attorney informed of current address
  • He make all future court appearances
  • He obeys Fail To Appear Warning
  • He does not use or possess firearms or dangerous weapons
  • No alcohol/controlled substance use
  • Subject to random testing
  • He does not leave Minnesota without written court approval
  • He makes no contact with alleged victim(s)
  • He is permitted child visitation by family court order only

Fravels next omnibus hearing is scheduled for Dec. 14, 2023.