“If anything happens to me, know Adam did it”; 64 documents unsealed in Kingsbury murder trial

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(ABC 6 News) – Hundreds of pages of information shedding a new light on the murder case against Adam Fravel.

Fravel is charged in Winona County with two counts of 2nd degree murder.

Authorities believe Fravel killed the mother of his two children, Madeline Kingsbury, and then hid her body near his family’s property in Mable, Minn.

The Winona woman was missing for nearly two months before her body was found in early June.

As Fravel’s murder trial nears, prosecutors have unsealed 64 documents, all with pertinent information to the investigation and even new details about how police have handled the case since the beginning.

The court documents reveal never before seen details into the relationship between Kingsbury and her ex-boyfriend Fravel.

Details that Kingsbury’s family claims they never knew.

“It makes me so sad that Madeline never told anybody. Including us,” Kingsbury’s sister, Megan, explained in a video posted to social media app, TikTok.

New court documents reveal an abusive and toxic relationship between the couple, something that Kingsbury had confided in to her close friends.

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One friend told investigators that Fravel, “has been beating the hell out of her for years.”

Text messages reveal that Kingsbury had texted her friend Katie Kolka, the woman who reported Kingsbury missing on March 31, that Fravel had choked her.

The text message Kingsbury wrote to her friend says, “After he joked about me ending up like Gabby Petito if I don’t learn to “mind”. It wasn’t funny.”

Another friend claims Kingsbury visited her in the hospital a few weeks before she disappeared and told her, “if anything happens to me, know that Adam did it. I would never leave my kids.”

Documents show that the couple had started therapy, however, Kingsbury secured her own apartment to move into with her two children.

She also reportedly told Fravel that he had to move out of the home they shared the weekend of April 1 and 2. That is the same weekend that Kingsbury went missing.

Since word spread of Kingsbury’s disappearance, many have become interested in Kingsbury’s blue town and country van. There are a few hours in the day when Fravel was driving the van that were seemingly unaccounted for, as law enforcement urged people in the area to check their cameras for any sightings of it.

The court documents reveal an interesting finding regarding the van. It says that on March 31, Kingsbury’s van was seen on surveillance video at a Kwik Trip near their home in Winona at 10:02 a.m. This is just two hours after Fravel and Kingsbury dropped their children off at daycare around 8 in the morning.

The documents state that the van’s rear license plate was replaced with a license plate from Fravel’s Chrysler 200 vehicle. A man matching Fravel’s description was seen pumping gas into the van.

Later, when investigators went to their home, they noticed that the plates on the van were changed back to its original license plate.

The court documents state that Fravel’s vehicle now had the correct plate as well. However, investigators noticed that while Kingsbury’s plate was extremely dirty, the areas around the bolts were clean.

On April 2, investigators planted a GPS tracker on Fravel’s car, hoping that it leads to the discovery of Kingsbury’s body. It did not.

On that same day, court documents state that a search warrant in Mable did revel footage to one camera, which recorded Fravel arriving at his parents home around 5:15 p.m. on March 31.

Five minutes later around 5:19 p.m. Fravel walks to the car’s trunk and removes a garbage bag and puts it in a dumpster.

Another search warranted executed on April 7 stated that investigators could not find the garbage Fravel had put in the dumpster a few days prior. It is also noted that the dumpster is only emptied when requested. The last request to the trash company was made in Sept. of 2022, according to court documents.

It is noted in the documents that four SD cards to security camera footage were provided by Fravel’s father to investigators, along with a consent to search them.

On April 3, investigators forensically imaged and examined the cards. This process takes around ten days and they were eventually imaged but not examined.

Two days later on April 5, Fravel’s parents then told investigators to speak to their attorney and revoked the consent. Investigators took no further action on the obtained SD cards.

There were multiple search warrants executed at the couple’s home on Kerry Drive as well as. One of these warrants was on April 3 to obtain security camera footage.

Kolka had told investigators early on that Fravel had installed multiple cameras at their home.

When investigators got to the home, there were no cameras installed, but found “several areas where drywall was torn and pulled off of the wall. Investigators also noted that all of these marks were high, where a camera would be installed. The cameras that they did find had all SD cards missing.

Three days later on April 6, investigators executed a search warrant for the camera company, Wyze, to obtain the alleged footage. According to court documents, Wyze claimed they could not find accounts matching Fravel’s email, indicated the account may have been deleted.

On April 7, a search warrant was executed at Fravel’s parents home. Investigators there found a computer tower and laptop in a dumpster and a “burned computer item in one of the fire pits” according to the documents.

Two days later on April 9, Fravel was caught on a trail camera on his neighbors property just north of his parents house. Fravel is reported to have been driving a side-by-side, otherwise known as a ranger, through their lawn with a shovel in the back.

Police body camera footage of a search just a few days earlier did not capture a shovel in the back of the ranger.

Court documents state that on April 10, investigators seized the ranger Fravel was driving in as well as the shovel. They then used two cadaver dogs. Both dogs are noted to have alerted investigators to the bed of the ranger and near the shovel.

Law enforcement then searched 800 acres of the Mable property through April 14.

While law enforcement have been tight-lipped since the investigation began, the unsealed documents reveal Fravel has been a suspect since the beginning.

Investigators executed a search to obtain Fravel’s DNA, according to the documents.

During an interview with Fravel, investigators noted multiple scratches on his face. The court documents state, “red pink markings that appeared to be fresh scratches on Fravel’s neck and face. There were two markings under his nose, one on the side of his nose, two on his forehead, and one under his chin on his neck. It did not appear that any of the scratches had broken the skin. All of the scratches appeared to be vertical.”

There was a google search reportedly made by Fravel dated March 31 around 6:51 p.m. asking “are dog scratches on face dangerous”.

The search warrant requested permission to photograph the full body of Fravel to document scratches and any other signs of physical injuries. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is noted to have processed the scene and collected several items of forensic evidence.

A search warrant executed for Fravel’s devices found that he had wiped his phone, disabling all location tracking services for his devices the day before Kingsbury went missing on March 30. In the court documents, it is noted that, “Fravel went to great lengths to conceal the locations that he visited or traveled after March 30.”

The warrant also exposes text messages between Fravel and Kolka’s husband the night Kingsbury disappeared, indicating that Fravel was frustrated Kolka reported her missing.

Fravel writes, “Wow that’s a little out of bounds by Katie. It hasn’t even been 24 hours.”

Kolka’s husband responded with, “Not really when no one has heard from her most of the day. Apparently no one was able to reach you either to at least know you’ve heard from her. You can’t blame people for being worried man.”

Documents show that Kolka was right to be worried, as Kingsbury would remain missing for nearly three months before her body was found in rural Fillmore County near Mable.

Due to renovations in Winona, Fravel is currently being held at the Adult Detention Center in Rochester.

His next appearance on the murder charges is set for Sept. 22 in Winona County Court.