Storm damage delays Albert Lea water tower painting

(ABC 6 News) – The painting of the Albert Lea water tower will be delayed due to damage from a storm that swept through on Thursday evening.

ABC 6 News received several photos and videos from viewers of the tarp covering the water town being blown around in the storm as well as some men on a scaffolding that was left dangling as wind and rain made it’s way into the area.

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ABC 6 News reached out to the city regarding the incident. Their statement reads below:

The City of Albert Lea and BRZ Coatings are assessing the impact of storm damage to the containment curtain for the new downtown water tower. On June 29, winds damaged the containment system for sandblasting and painting the water tower. Fortunately, the paint crew was able to stop work and reach the ground safely. Due to damage to the curtain – which spans 50,000 square feet – finishing the exterior paint will be delayed.

On the interior, the painting is complete. Next steps will be disinfecting the bowl and installing a control room in the base, which will occur when the exterior paint is done.

Cathy Malakowsky, Director of Community Engagement and Enrichment

Before the delay was announced, the painting project is scheduled to wrap up in July, with the tower expected to be ready for operation soon after.

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The tower will hold one million gallons of water when completed. The water will help the city meet a federal requirement of having enough water for one day of use in case of system disruptions.