Daily rain chances

After going over two weeks without measurable rain, we could sure use a drink. Chances are looking good that everyone picks up at lease some rain over this week. On the daily level the chances aren’t the best for widespread rain, but then again each day does at least hold an afternoon rain chance moving forward through Saturday.

Our first opportunity will line up for the afternoon on Tuesday as a few storms bubble up on the heat that builds on the day. That daily opportunity continues each afternoon after. In between, a stray spot of rain could exist at any other point in the day almost solidly through the stretch. Wednesday and Friday look to be a couple of the better opportunities to pick up needed rain.

At least through Thursday, severe prospects appear to be lower and not widespread. We’re lacking significant wind structure in the atmosphere but will have the fuel. If we do see something severe, some brief pops of hail would likely be the culprit.