Prep of the Week: Josh Langseth

The Stewartville cross country junior won the Bill Glomski Invitational, his first victory since 7th Grade.

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(ABC 6 News) — Josh Langseth had one big goal in mind before the cross country season even began.

He planned to achieve it on his hometown’s soil during the 50th anniversary of the Bill Glomski Invitational.

“I didn’t want to tell too many people just in case I didn’t,” Langseth said. “But I felt good and it worked out.”

Amidst a sea of runners and 5,000 meters of trail to cover, the junior willed victory into existence, winning in 17 minutes and 5.10 seconds. But the cherry on top? This was his first win since he was in seventh grade.

“So, my plan was just to stick behind those guys and then see what I had left at the end and found another gear in the woods and (it) worked out,” Langseth added.

Langseth has already had a solid beginning to 2023 after placing second in the Albert Lea Invitational on August 28. The strong start is all according to plan, his offseason workouts are a sign of how seriously he’s kicked up his focus.

“He made a plan and worked out extra hard this summer,” Tigers cross country head coach Michele ‘Micki’ Furseth noted. “More than he ever has. And he set his sights on the home invite to set the stage for what he intends to do this season.”

Much like most runners, the goal is to reach State by the end of the season. Langseth’s done it twice and with his work ethic, he striving to make more noise.

“He’s highly motivated and he’s very passionate,” Coach Furseth added. “And I think sometimes that really shows up in his efforts and so when he really wants something and he’s feeling good, he’s going to go for it.”

Race results may say a lot, but they don’t tell the whole story. If Langseth’s got any say in this, he’s just as competitive as many of the section favorites this year.

“I pray before my races,” Langseth said. “I just — you just got to have a good mental state that can keep you going. And as long as your mind is there, you can keep going.”

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