Mayo Boys & Girls Lacrosse play scrimmage together in fun-filled evening

The scrimmage was held to raise money for the Rochester Ronald McDonald House.

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(ABC 6 News) — Both Mayo Boys and Girls Lacrosse held a scrimmage together on Friday, June 23 in what proved to be humorous at moments due to both teams having switched with each other’s sticks. The scrimmage also served to help raise money for the Rochester Ronald McDonald House.

“I think it was pretty goofy too,” Ann Palmer of Spartans Girls Lacrosse noted. “Seeing [the boys] try to put the goggles on and try use the smaller sticks too, I think it was pretty funny. I would be down for a rematch anytime, any day, no matter the weather, I’m there.”

“Obviously, I would say yes to a rematch because I know we’ll just win it again,” Owen Brock of Spartans Boys Lacrosse said. “So, you know, we’re out there, we’re having fun. Spartans no matter what, girls, boys, we’re always going to win.”

Both players also expressed optimism that scrimmages like this will help further grow the sport among local youth once summer camps for both teams start.