HS Football Preview: Byron Bears are ready to take a chunk out of the competition

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(ABC 6 News) — It’s been the most physical practice the Byron football coaching staff has seen this preseason.

The intensity and excitement all in preparation for a major opening game.

“It’s full-speed all the time,” Bears defensive tackle Seth Lampat said. “This year, we’re going full-speed, non-stop.”

“We’re excited about that opportunity and challenge,” Coach Ben Halder stated. “Because we’re the only team in the state of Minnesota that gets to start out the season with the state runner-ups.”

As rival Kasson-Mantorville looms first on Byron’s schedule, the team is zeroing in on constant pursuit. Certain players who display such aggressive persistence are given the nickname of shark.

“To be a shark, you’re always moving; you’re never stopping because if you stop, you die,” Bears cornerback Isaac Dearborn explained. “And if you’re moving and going – and defense today was like that.”

“Blood in the water, so you kill everything,” Lampat further added. “The guy in front of you, run right through them. But don’t stop, full speed all the time.”

As everybody looks to get in touch with their inner shark, a select few have been chosen to set the standard as captains. Lampat in particular was chosen by coach Halder himself.

“We all grew, last year I didn’t play much and I just worked a lot harder,” Lampat mused. “And now I’m starting on the d-line and I’m a captain now so, the team learned from all that and now we’re growing.”

“He owned up to what he needed to do,” Coach Halder praised. “And he fulfilled that and when you fulfill those things you need to be rewarded. I know the kids are excited for seth too, he’s really worked hard here. He doesn’t just talk the game, he actually walks the walk a little bit with getting better.”

The Byron Bears have the physical size to contend with a lot of tough football squads in 2022. Combined with a relentless mindset and a hunger for the pigskin, the Bears are walking onto the field with the conviction that they can face anyone, anytime, anyplace.

“For me personally, I was actually out last year with an injury,” Dearborn recollected. “And watching all those games and seeing the young guys come up, I know and I can trust the guy beside me is going to work hard and put his all for me and I’m going to work hard for them.”

Byron’s game versus Kasson-Mantorville is at home on September 2 at 7 PM.