RCC instructor named 2022 Outstanding Educator of the Year

(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence has named Riverland Community College Automotive Technology Instructor Olle Gladso, 2022 Outstanding Educator of the Year.

The Transportation Center of Excellence Awards are meant to recognize people and organizations who have the most tremendous impact on the state’s high-quality transportation-related education programs.

The recipients are educators, advocates, supporters, and industry partners, honored for their outstanding contributions to the field of transportation education.

Gladso came to RCC’s Automotive Technology program with a diverse and varied experience from many different fields which he has incorporated into his role as facilitator of student learning.

Gladso believes that his role is more of a mentor and a coach for students than as a traditional teacher.

Gladso’s background includes growing up in Norway and working there as an intelligence officer for over ten years. Olle has lived with his wife in the U.S. since 1987 and attended college as well.

Having worked in proprietary schools before coming to Riverland, he firmly believes in the community college’s role and function in local communities

Gladso also believes that we cannot solve today’s transportation-related problems, such as resource usage and pollution, using yesterday’s technology and that he is a strong proponent of newer technologies such as electric vehicles.

Gladso has written and co-authored several articles for trade magazines involving unique diagnostic methods and equipment as well as how to effectively and efficiently use them. Following the belief that knowledge should be shared he has been a frequent contributor to websites for professional technicians such as the International Automotive Technicians Network (IATN).

In addition to Gladso’s work in the classroom, he was an instrumental part of a grant team that recently secured RCC a $348,486 in grant funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. The NSF-ATE funding will be used to support the “Educating Autonomous Vehicle Technicians” project being launched by the Automotive Service Technology program.

Gladso will be the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project.

Riverland and Minnesota State, along with Scott Swelland from Austin Ford, will develop a curriculum, purchase equipment, participate in professional development, and provide continuing education for the project under this NSF-ATE-funded program.

This is Riverland’s first NSF-ATE award as a lead agency.

To learn more about RCC’s NSF-ATE grant, CLICK HERE.