New Olmsted County commissioners begin service

(ABC 6 News) – Four new Olmsted County commissioners began their service with the county on Tuesday.

The new commissioners and the districts they represent are below:

  • Brian Mueller – District 4
  • Laurel Podulke-Smith – District 1
  • Michelle Rossman – District 5
  • David Senjem – District 2

The commissioners join incumbent commissioners Sheila Kiscaden, who represents District 6, Mark Thein, who represents District 7, and Gregg Wright, who represents District 3. Commissioner Wright will also serve as the board chair for 2023. 

The Olmsted County Board of Commissioners are elected officials that represent Olmsted County residents. Commissioners enact local ordinances, approve budgets, and provide leadership and direction to the county. Olmsted County has seven commissioners, each representing their county district.

Commissioner Wright said in a statement about the four new commissioners, “history is a chronicle of the past, but it is also a living record that is written every day; such is the case today. Never before has the county board had four retirements and installed four newly elected commissioners in the same year. The board lost 76 years of experience with the retirement of four commissioners. Their presence, just like all the commissioners who served before them, will be missed. But like history, the chronicle continues to be written and Olmsted County has gained four new commissioners who have dedicated themselves to carry on the vital work of the county.”

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