Mower County Days of Caring lends a hand to local organizations

(ABC 6 News)- Local organizations in Austin are getting some extra help during the Mower County Days of Caring initiative.

Throughout the week United Way of Mower County, along with volunteers, lend a hand to a business everyday that need a little extra help and support.

They assist with things like prepping food, landscaping and gardening and cleaning.

United Way of Mower County uses this week to advocate for what is happening in the community and for those who need assistance.

“This is a great way for advocacy, to tell the community ‘hey, this is what’s happening, this is who need help’ and then it’s just a really great learning opportunity for everybody,” said Karem Salas Ramirez who works in community impact at United Way of Mower County.

On Tuesday, they helped out the Mower Council for the Handicapped with landscaping. Having that extra support meant a lot to those who work there.

“It really means a lot to have community members come and partner side by side with us and help us get these things done, to help us spruce up the outside and inside of our office,” said Martha Liskey, Office and Equipment Lending Program Manager at Mower Council for the Handicapped.

United Way of Mower County is still accepting volunteers for some of the Days of Caring projects. If you are interested in learning more click here.