UPDATE: Missing Winona woman’s children to stay with Kingsbury family

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(ABC 6 News) – UPDATE 06/06/2023: The Winona County Attorney’s Office, representing Winona County Health and Human Services, and the other parties involved, announced on Monday they reached an agreement with the Children in need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) case involving the children of missing Winona mother, Madeline Kingsbury.

The CHIPS petition was filed in response to the disappearance of Kingsbury on March 31, who held sole custodial rights.

With this settlement, the involved parties affirm that Kingsbury was the children’s sole custodial parent and that she is currently missing.

The primary goal of the CHIPS process is to consider the best interest of a child and to establish appropriate care and guidance for the children. Recognizing that the absence of a legal custodian in the children’s lives contradicted their best interests, this CHIPS adjudication guarantees that the County can continue to act as a temporary legal custodian until the matters of custody and parenting time are eventually determined by a family court or in a permanency action.

This CHIPS matter is still an open and active case, and Winona County still retains temporary custody of the children. For the time being, the children’s placement will remain unchanged until the court makes a determination at a later date.


(ABC 6 News) – Madeline Kingsbury’s children will remain in the care of her family, according to attorneys that ABC 6 News spoke with about the case.

This after the trial to determine whether the children require protection services was canceled after their father Adam Fravel admitted to the court that he doesn’t have legal custody of the kids.

That means the kids are technically in the custody of the county, but are staying with Madi’s parents.

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Kingsbury vanished back on March 31 after dropping her kids off at daycare. Investigators have called her disappearance “involuntary and suspicious.”

Their father, Adam Fravel, was with her and was the last person to see her before she disappeared. New court documents reveal Kingsbury’s parents have their own suspicions that Fravel knows more than he’s letting on.

There is a disposition hearing and placement options for the future will be considered at this hearing next week.