Longfellow Elementary re-opens in new facility

(ABC 6 News) – Longfellow Elementary School in Rochester has a brand new building for its students.

The new building has all sorts of features, including a brand new playground, solar panels, a new cafeteria, and plenty of spaces with natural light among several other features.

"There are student lounges. They can work together with other students and also do some reading out there comfortably. There’s the technology where other teachers can gather small groups of students and teach and work together in those spaces as well. And the fan-favorite is still the playground," Longfellow Elementary principal Amy Adams explains

Longfellow Elementary is the only school in Rochester with a 45/15 structure where students go to class in 45-day blocks and then get three-week breaks and a six-week summer vacation.

They started classes at Longfellow back on July 27th. Longfellow is also putting on a family engagement event on August 30th.