LeRoy man accused of intentionally hitting another man with his truck

(ABC 6 News) – A LeRoy man faces a charge of 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon — a truck — after an alleged intentional hit-and-run Monday evening.

John Andrew Laganiere, 19, was accused of using his vehicle to send an adult male through a pumphouse on the 11,000 block of 790th Avenue, LeRoy.

The Mower County Sheriff’s Office responded to the home at about 5:21 p.m. Monday, Sept. 11.

According to court documents, the alleged victim told deputies Lageniere came “flying” into the yard in his truck, and asked why the man had not stopped to help when said truck was broken down earlier.

The alleged victim said he walked to Laganiere’s driver’s side door, then Laganiere reversed quickly, spinning around and taking the alleged victim with him.

According to the alleged victim and an adult witness, Laganiere then “floored it” and hit the man with the front end of his truck, sending him through a white pumphouse on the property.

The alleged victim reported an injury to his left leg and thigh, but did not go to the hospital because of cost.

According to court documents, the witnesses and victim then told deputies Laganiere backed up, hitting the victim’s truck with his own vehicle, and sped off.

According to court documents, Lageniere spoke to law enforcement later that night and said he hit the alleged victim with his truck, but maintained that he was goaded into doing so.

Laganiere’s next court hearing is scheduled for Sept. 25.