It’s peak time for deer-vehicle collisions: How to avoid significant damage

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(ABC 6 News) – If there’s one thing drivers want to avoid, it’s points. Whether it is on your driver’s license or from the antlers of a deer.

While not all deer have antlers, and the antlers aren’t always what causes the damage, law enforcement say if you find yourself in a situation with a deer: do not veer.

Sgt. Troy Christianson from the Minnesota State Patrol “Just 100 percent of your breaking, hit the deer, pull off to the shoulder as far as you can, turn on your hazards, and call 911.”

State Patrol says overcorrecting could cause you to potentially roll your vehicle. Sgt. Troy Christianson also says do not to get out of the vehicle after hitting a deer.

For one, there may be more deer in the area. Two, you don’t want to accidentally walk into traffic while inspecting damage.

For one Rochester woman, it was a scary experience. Lori Corbin drives to her business, Rochester Grooming Center. One day, she struck a deer that came out of nowhere.

“A big buck, it jumped out of nowhere. I nailed it, and it totaled my car.”

It’s changed the way she drives at night this time of year.

“I don’t go a lot of places after dark right now; there’s so many deer in the dark right now that you can’t see. I don’t feel comfortable doing it anymore.”

According to the Minnesota DNR, you could see more deer out, and the current harvesting season is playing a huge role too. Ryan Tebo is the Assistant Area Wildlife Manager at the Rochester Office of the Minnesota DNR. He describes why harvesting is causing an impact. “As crops get taken out, the places for deer to hide reduce, and also we’re leading up to the peak of breeding season.”

As long as you drive slower when it’s dark out, especially after sunset and before sunrise, you are less likely to find the most “bang for your buck”.

One person on Facebook said it took them over a month to get their car repaired due to shortages on certain car parts. It’s just another reason to make sure to stay safe on the roads this time of year.