“It’s all politically motivated”; Community reacts to impeachment inquiry into President Biden

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(ABC 6 News) – News over House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s announcement regarding the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is spreading across the nation, including in southeast Minnesota.

Some people in the community think this announcement is just another sign the federal government is spiraling into chaos.

“It’s a tragedy,” said Larry Wood. “It’s the result of probably five years of the political chaos that has ruled America.”

Pressure is mounting inside the U.S. Capitol amid allegations that President Biden directly benefited from his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

While the allegations are nothing new, it is the first time a formal investigation will be opened.

“All I’ve said is that an impeachment inquiry allows us to get answers to the questions that are out there,” House Speaker McCarthy told reporters.

Amid the chaos, both sides of the aisle are quickly taking sides.

“I see this as a waste and as a distraction from the work that they [the House] needs to be doing,” said Minnesota Senator Tina Smith (D). “I have seen absolutely no evidence that would justify an impeachment inquiry.”

Iowa Republican Congressman Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) says Americans deserve answers, releasing this statement:

“Through committee investigations, we know that President Biden lied to the American people about his involvement with his son’s foreign business dealings. Credible whistleblower testimony also reveals that the Biden administration secured a sweetheart deal and preferential treatment for Hunter Biden in his tax evasion case. It is evident that a further and more thorough investigation is warranted to protect the integrity of our institutions, defend the rule of law in our country, and hold President Biden accountable for his corruption. I support a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden.”

Some Americans though are doing just the opposite.

“‘Lets put Biden on the frying pan,’ first, lets come up with some evidence and is that gonna help mend our country? If we don’t pay attention to mending our country now, then it’s going to take away hope for all,” said John Kruesel. “Hope and ethic and civility, we need it more than ever right now.”

Instead of choosing sides, some say this latest move in Washington shows just how hopeless the nation is becoming.

“Until the federal government grows up and starts acting like adults, we as a nation are going to be in trouble,” said Wood. “I don’t think it’s worth it in the long run. Yes, there were probably crimes committed but if we went after everybody who’s committed a crime in Washington, we probably wouldn’t have anyone there.”

While the House Oversight Committee searches for a nail to put in the President’s coffin, Americans are just hoping for the best.

“It’s all politically motivated. Nobody really cares about truth or reality, it’s all done for cameras, it’s all done for publicity, it’s all done to appeal to a marginal section of your powerbase,” said Wood.