Huisentruit billboard will remain in Mason City for another year

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(ABC 6 News) – FindJodi has renewed its billboard contract for another year.

On Jodi Huisentruit’s 50th birthday, the team of journalists launched a billboard campaign in Mason City searching for clues in the case of the missing anchorwoman.

“I think it has potential to put the right people in contact with us that have information that we don’t have yet,” said Mason City Police Chief Jeff Brinkley. “It keeps the story alive and keeps people talking about it.”

Huisentruit disappeared while on her way to work at a Mason City television station the morning of June 27th, 1995 and hasn’t been seen since.

FindJodi hopes keeping Huisentruit’s image in the spotlight will remind people that she’s still missing and generate tips.

“It seems likes there’s some local knowledge in Mason City,” said Fuller. “I think there’s a good chance that people even to this day there may know something that they haven’t told police for whatever reason.”

“Here we are 26 years later. As we mature through life and we go through those phases, sometimes where I want to do the right thing because that’s really who I am now or before there was other pressure because of a situation that somebody was in that now maybe that’s the thing that somebody sees and finally says, ‘You know what, I know something about this and it’s time to come forward,'” Brinkley said.

The billboard is currently located at 6th St SW and S President Ave in Mason City, but may change location based on inventory availability.