Dodge County officials warn people about the danger of stray bullets

(KSTP) – The Dodge County administration division issued a warning about stray bullets on Tuesday, according to a Facebook post.

The post adds that in recent years stray rifle bullets have hit homes and solar panels in the northeastern part of the county.

In just one instance from the last few years, stray rounds struck the back of a home while the family was outside, authorities say. They add that in another instance, stray bullets struck a child’s bedroom just above the bed where they sleep.

Officials from Dodge County say they haven’t determined the exact source of the stray bullets. The Zumbro River Sportsman’s Club is the nearest gun range to the incidents, but they have discontinued rifle shooting there, Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose said.

Another possible source of stray bullets is people doing target practice on their own property. “People doing a little target practice on their own property may not realize how far stray bullets can travel,” said Sheriff Rose, adding that “Bullets missing their targets or just fired randomly can still kill.”

Sheriff Rose encouraged people shooting on their own property to “be much more careful and realize that the consequences risked by careless shooting include not only being responsible for the cost of the property damage (which can be very expensive at the solar farm), but worse the possibility of a round striking one of your neighbors or their kids.”