Big construction projects coming together in Albert Lea

(ABC 6 News) – A couple big construction projects are nearing completion in Albert Lea.

Crews are putting the final pieces in place for the new water tower on Fountain Street.

  • The tower will hold 1 million gallons of water when complete and weigh more than 9 million pounds.
  • It’s made up of 400-plus pieces of steel and will stand 18 stories tall, which is 4 stories taller than the original built in 1938.
  • Check out drone footage of the crews at work, and see fun facts about the water tower HERE.

East Main Street between Newton Avenue and the Shell Rock River bridge will open the middle of next week, weather permitting.

  • The goals of this project are to reduce accidents and road flooding.
  • An average of 13,000 vehicles travel this part of East Main on average every day, when it’s not under construction.
  • While it’s been closed, much of that traffic has moved to Bridge Avenue, more than doubling its traffic with several businesses that have worked hard to stay open.

To learn more, visit the City of Albert Lea’s website HERE.