Stewartville woman criminally charged after teen’s alleged brass-knuckle fight

(ABC 6 News) – A Stewartville woman faces a felony charge of liability for crime–2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon after driving a teenager on to a fight.

Shawna Cie Askvig, 40, is accused of taking a juvenile to Kasson’s North Park April 17, where he allegedly beat another juvenile with metal knuckles.

According to court records, Kasson police responded to the scene of a fight, where they found one juvenile with a bruised and bloodied face.

The injured teenager told police that another juvenile texted him that he was going to beat him up, then walked up to him at the park and started punching him with a pair of metal knuckles.

The fight was allegedly captured on video.

Police spoke to Askvig, who said she drove the teenager who allegedly instigated the fight, and had talked to him about his reasons for going to the park on the way.

“Askvig ultimately figured that they are teenage boys and they will figure it out,” court records concluded.

Askvig denied seeing the teenager place metal knuckles in her car’s glove box, or seeing a fight happen.

Her pretrial is scheduled for July 26.