RAEDI’s R.A.V.E. event honors local entrepreneurs

(ABC 6 News) – Earlier today, the Rochester Area Economic Development group, also known as RAEDI, hosted its 10th annual R.A.V.E. event, but it’s not like the raves that you may be thinking of.

R.A.V.E. stands for the “recognizing awarding valuing entrepreneurs” event.

This year, the group recognized three area-businesses, one lifetime-achievement honoree, and the R.A.V.E. Warrior of the year.

“These people take the risks that build our economy and it takes great workforce. It takes great education systems, but it also takes people willing to take risks. And that’s what these people do,” said John Wade, president of RAEDI. “They take the risk every day to grow a business and that’s why we’re honoring them.

As for the R.A.V.E. Warrior of the year that was given to James Rogers, the Chief Business Development Officer at Mayo Clinic.

Bill Bowman, founder of Bowman Tool and Machining, was honored with the lifetime achievement award.