OAKS Series: Keira Pape

(ABC 6 NEWS) – “She is a spitfire, a mini me, pure karma! Then I have my son, he’s two and he’s a lot of fun,” Keira Pape, Oaks Scholarship Recipient said.

Being a mom is no easy task, but Keira’s two kids drive her to be the best she can be.

“I’ll always be by their side, no matter what. They’re going to move mountains someday, and I’m going to be their cheerleader no matter what,” Pape said.

Everyday Keira fights for their future. She’s trying to give them the best life possible.

Growing up Keira faced many struggles, she grew up with a single father, and was bullied in school.

As the years went on, it brought more challenges.

“I’m in the midst of a volatile divorce,” Pape said.

It’s at Rochester Community and Technical College where Keira found a new beginning, a chance to start fresh.

She’s enrolled in the social work program, she has goals to work in the foster care system.

“Despite my adversities and the challenges I’ve gone through, I’m killing it, I’m doing it! It feels good to be appreciated for that,” Pape said.

Those close to her agree.

“Something I appreciate about Keira is that she is a direct communicator,” Bri Rollins, family coach at the Jeremiah Program said.

Rollins nominated Keira for the Oaks Scholarship.

She works with Keira through the Jeremiah Program, it’s a national organization dedicated to helping single mothers.

“All I had to do was share some of the amazing things that she’s overcame,” Rollins said.

And Keira’s living life to the fullest, as her kiddos are right next to her every step of the way.