Minnesota State Grants benefit 69.5K students in 2022

(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Office of Higher Education on Friday said new data shows that 69,495 Minnesotans pursuing higher education received a State Grant in fiscal year 2022.

The Office said a total of $202 million was awarded to Minnesota students through State Grants.

“We know that earning a credential or degree after high school is the key to unlocking higher earning potential and great career opportunity,” OHE Commissioner Dennis Olson said. “The State Grant program continues to change lives across Minnesota, making higher education a possibility for thousands of students every year. By investing in their future, we are investing in the future of our state; ensuring we have the highly skilled workforce necessary for Minnesota’s economy to thrive.”

According to the Office’s data:

  • In fiscal year 2022, 55% of State Grant recipients had a family adjusted gross income of less than $40,000.
  • Most State Grant recipients attended a public university: 59% of recipients attended a Minnesota State College or University, 17% attended the University of Minnesota, and 24% attended a private college.
  • Of 2022 State Grant recipients, 33,181 (48% of all recipients) were enrolled in a 2-year program, while 36,314 (52% of all recipients) were enrolled in a 4-year program.
  • In academic year 2021-2022, Minnesota ranked 18th in financial aid spending per full-time undergraduate student among all states and U.S. territories, according to the National Association of State Student Grant Aid Programs Annual Survey.

Since 1969, the Minnesota State Grant has helped break down financial barriers to higher education, providing essential financial aid assistance to ensure students are able to pursue a degree.