Loud Mouth Brass releases new album

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(ABC 6 News) – A local Rochester band released their new album Sunday. Loud Mouth Brass debuted their new album “Rearview” at Thesis Brewing this evening.

This is their third album and as always it featured their brass and woodwind instruments. What is unique about this album is they collaborated with local rapper Jar Havoc for the song “Silhouette of Silence”.

Trombone player John Sievers says he loves how creative he can be when he plays music.

“For me what I love about music is the ability to create something on the fly. So, with loudmouth brass, a lot of our songs have improvisational sections. And I really love that ability to just like make up a melody on the spot and craft something that will maybe never be heard again or something that has never been heard before. And just that experience of bringing something to life that somebody has never been heard before,” said Sievers.

At their gig Sunday John’s daughter Ellenor and her band open up for loudmouth brass. John says it’s awesome to have her follow in his footsteps.

Loud Mouth’s new album can be found on all major music platforms, and you can even by the CD of their album at their performances.