January’s ABC 6 Excellent Educator of the month: Ms. Cami Olson!

A classroom full of smiles

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(ABC 6 News) – Every month we here at ABC 6 News are highlighting a local educator who goes above and beyond in the classroom. January’s ABC 6 Excellent Educator goes to Ms. Cami Olson!

Inside Harriet Bishop Elementary School in Rochester, there is one room where giggles are heard down the hallway.

This is where you will find Ms. Olson’s fifth grade class.

Once you step inside her classroom, it is no different. These students are smiling ear-to-ear.

“There’s something different about her compared to other teachers,” said one of her students, Anika Tessler.

Ms. Olson has been teaching for 33 years and she says learning and teaching others has always been her calling.

“As teachers, we don’t do it for any kind of an award,” said Olson. “I think just having these kids here too makes my day, so just coming to work is a fun place to be.”

While laughter fills her classroom regularly, her students have other favorite traits of their teacher.

“She’s always optimistic, she always thinks positive,” said Lexi Muscel, another student. “She’s very sarcastic and likes to tell a lot of stories.”

Others favor Ms. Olson for her skills at teaching.

“She’s a great teacher to talk to and she is great for learning,” said another one of Ms. Olson’s students, Belle Lao.

Her support, teaching style, and dedication to her students, is what makes Ms. Olson the ABC 6 Excellent Educator of the month.

And her class could not be prouder.

“She totally deserves it because she in our opinion, she already is,” said Tessler. “She just wants us to feel like we can be ourselves and we don’t have to be perfect.”

Lucky for these students, they still have half of the school year to keep laughing with their favorite teacher.

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