IJ Holton Intermediate School students put to the test at the Hormel Institute

Saving the word through science at the Hormel institute

Saving the word through science at the Hormel institute

(ABC 6 NEWS) – In Austin, sixth graders from IJ Holton Intermediate School are learning about STEM related activities.

They’re role playing as medical professionals to solve STEM related problems.

One way they’re doing so is by finding a cure for a zombie apocalypse.

Yes, a zombie apocalypse!

It’s not real, but the kids have to act like it is to complete their task.

The kids are split into four groups as they race to find a cure.

They’re doing what they can, learning from each other in the institutes labs.

One kid we spoke with isn’t buckling under the pressure.

“We’re discovering what this could all mean hopefully,” sixth grader Audriana Marin said.

For organizers of the event, they’re happy to see kids engaging with the event.

They want to make sure this is an event the kids will never forget.

“I reached a point in my life where I want to do good wherever I can and there are handily any other better ways than to work with kids and encouraging them to be engaged with not only school but science in particular,” Volunteer Michael Varhola said.

One of the four groups of students found a cure.

In the near future, Hormel plans to add a new wing to the institute.

Part of the expansion will include a STEM Education Space.

It will be a laboratory for students and teachers to use.