How Hawkeyes fans are watching the Women’s NCAA tournament championship game


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(ABC 6 News) – For the last two years, Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes have taken women’s college basketball by storm.

Their success and popularity can be felt throughout the state.

“It’s kind of an unprecedented amount of buy-in from the community and all the people and the amount of people that want to go and watch this team and see them be really good at what they do,” Boulder Tap House assistant manager Chaye King said.

The Hawkeyes would have to get through an undefeated South Carolina squad to become NCAA tournament champions.

Fans were hoping the Hawkeyes would get it done.

“Women’s basketball is really growing in popularity this year, a lot because of the University of Iowa and the stuff that Caitlin Clark is doing, it’s really fun to watch, hopefully we can finish this game off and win,” Hawkeyes fan Mark Trammel said.

Caitlin Clark has been a huge reason for the Hawkeye’s success.

Fans eagerly tuned in to watch the Division I NCAA all-time leading scorer suit up for the Hawkeyes one last time.

Many believed Clark’s popularity allowed for women’s college basketball to reach a level of interest like never before.

“It’s nice to see the Iowa team is kind of bringing it up. Caitlin Clark is doing really good, the rest of the team is doing really good, and now with the NIL deals they’re finally getting paid what they should get paid and I’m glad that Iowa’s the one who were the pioneers for this for them,” Hawkeyes fan Jaime Griffen said.

Businesses felt the same effect, seeing people rush in whenever the Hawkeyes take the floor.

“I can’t think of a time that this many people came together and wanted to see a game and came together and rooted for the same team, it’s been super cool to watch,” Boulder Tap House assistant manager Sophia Haynes said.

All the way through, fans cheered in anticipation to see if the Hawkeyes would become champions.

In the end, they would come up short against South Carolina, but it doesn’t take away from the season they’ve had and what they did for college basketball.