Driving test appointment frustrations persist despite new notification system

Driving test appointment frustrations persist despite new notification system

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(KSTP) – Over a year ago, Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services implemented a new notification system to help set up appointments for driver’s license exams after the list had grown to the point some people were waiting nearly a year to take their driving exams.

But several families tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the new system is not working very well, forcing some to drive several hours to make driver’s test appointments outside the metro area.

Kate Teal says her husband had to drive their daughter to Duluth from the metro area, and there was not a lot of time to get there once the notice was sent from DVS by email.

“There’s nothing in the Cities, and you had to check the website multiple times a day usually to try and find something,” Teal said. “And for us it was Duluth or we would see a few for Marshall. One of her friends had to go to Virginia. So it was just, yeah, it was crazy.”

Katie Perry said she has experienced similar issues to the Teals’.

“It’s just a canceled appointment and you have within two hours to make it to that appointment,” Perry said. “My friend threw his hat in every open spot and that’s where he went to take it, in Winona. He passed. But, just think about what a bummer that would be if you drove down there and you didn’t pass?”

A DVS spokesperson issued the following statement:

“We understand wait times can be frustrating. That is why we are doing our best to accommodate more appointments by hiring new personnel and by constantly looking for ways to improve its processes like the online subscription.    

“To help people find appointments, we encourage them to sign up for our online subscriptions to see when new appointments in their area open or look at areas outside the metro that tend to have more openings. Each month, we see approximately 29 percent of appointments become a no-show, which if properly canceled, could have been put back into the subscription service for other customers to schedule. 

“Additionally, we are asking that people do not delay taking their driving test in the fall or winter. Please don’t push it off until the spring or summer, as that can contribute to a backlog.”

Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services