Construction of roundabout to close NW Rochester intersection

(ABC 6 News) – The City of Rochester announced the construction of a roundabout in the intersection of 65th St. NW and 50th Ave. NW will require the complete closure of the intersection beginning on Monday, June 19.

The existing closure of 65th St. NW from 37th Ave. NW to 50th Ave. NW will remain in place until November. The City says:

  • Access to properties located on the south side of 65th St. NW will be via neighborhood streets to the south.
  • Contractors will coordinate access to the handful of properties that only have access via 65th St. NW.
  • Space for a passenger vehicle U-turn will be provided immediately west of the closure of the 50th Ave. NW intersection.
  • Access to Dakota Middle School be from the west on 65th St. NW via 55th Ave. NW.

Phase one of this project was completed in 2022 and includes the construction of 1 mile of roadway, a pedestrian underpass from the neighborhood to Dakota Middle School, and a roundabout at the 55th Ave. NW/65th St. NW intersection. Phase two of the 65th St. NW Reconstruction Project includes:

  • Construction of a second roundabout to improve the 50th Ave. NW intersection and provide pedestrian connectivity.
  • Grading for the new roadway and a second stormwater pond.
  • Stormwater utility installations.
  • Creation of a paved pedestrian path on the south side of 65th St. NW. The north side will be graded, but unpaved, to prepare for future demands.
  • Reconstruction of the 37th Ave. NW intersection. This work will occur later in the construction season and will be phased to allow for traffic access throughout construction.

The City is reconstructing 65th St. NW with improvements that include (a) changing 65th St. NW from a rural road to a city street with a 30 mph speed limit, (b) increased safety and traffic flow for roadway users, and (c) new pedestrian/bicycle paths that connect to existing trails and the Dakota Middle School.

More information about the 65th St. NW Reconstruction project is available, HERE.