Changes to Minnesota Move Over Law

(ABC 6 News) – After last night’s snow, drivers probably saw a few cars on the side of the road during your morning commute this morning. The next time driver spot someone on the side of the road they’ll have something new to do.

The Ted Foss Move Over Law has been in Minnesota for decades; drivers normally have to move over or slow down for emergency vehicles on the side of the road, but now the law covers all vehicles.

“We want everybody regardless, you know, if you’re working on the road in these conditions or just a motorist traveling to get to where they need to safely to keep all people safe here in our state,” said State Patrol Lieutenant Jill Frankfurth.

Within the last few years, Minnesota State Patrol has issued over 6,000 tickets because motorists have failed to move over. If drivers break the law, the fine could be $100 or more.