Byron teen takes center stage at Miss Minnesota’s Teen Pageant

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(ABC 6 News) – Sometimes when people try something new, they’re not sure if it’s worth the risk. One local teen is showing the risk, is worth the reward.

17-year-old Anna Brennan is your normal junior at Byron High School. Except she does something outside the classroom many of her classmates probably don’t, she competes in pageants. Now, she is the Front Runner-Up for Miss Minnesota’s Teen 2023.

This is Anna’s first year competing in pageants. She got the idea from a family friend who was Miss Minnesota in 2018. Impressed by the scholarship and self-development opportunities. About two months ago, she took the risk and applied.

“Walking into it, I had high hopes but low expectations,” said Brennan.

“You know, it was my first time and I didn’t want to disappoint myself setting my expectations high to walk away with a crown or anything. So I definitely felt like an underdog. Just being able to meet the girls, they were all so wonderful and welcomed me with open arms. It was just great to gain 13 new best friends.”

As a Miss Minnesota’s Teen contestant, Anna is responsible for a social impact initiative. She’s choosing to focus on social media and the impact it has on mental health. She wants to work with young women to share how to use social media in a healthy way. One step she likes to take is what she calls “mindful sharing.”

“This is just basically when you take a selfie, and you really want to share it, wait 2-3 days. Think to yourself, ‘is this really necessary? Is this something I need people to know? They already know what I look like.'”

As the runner-up, Anna helps support Miss Minnesota’s Teen winner, Natalie Berg. If Natalie can’t stay in her role for any reason, Anna would take over.

Anna turns 18 in December and plans to run for Miss Minnesota next year.

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