Austin schools win community education regional award

(ABC 6 News) – Austin Public Schools won a regional award from the Minnesota Community Education Association for the school’s More Than Pink program.

The More Than Pink program empowers girls who completed third through six grade during a 6-week summer program. According to Austin Public Schools, More Than Pink aims to help young girls grow and develop with community support, empowering them to “be true to themselves.”

The program features an hour of physical activity to train for a 5K run, a topical talk lesson and “group time.” Topics range from self-worth and body image to puberty and peer pressure all lead by female role models based in the community.

“More Than Pink has been an inspiring program in Austin for many years and has impacted hundreds of young women in our community,” says Community Education Director Jen Lawhead. “Our Community Education Coordinator, Teri Wermager, brought the program to Austin and has been not only its creator, but also its greatest champion. We are also grateful for the many amazing women from the Austin community who have volunteered their time and talent as guest speakers and fitness leaders for this program.”