…’Are you Ready for It?’ Local Swifties get ready for The Eras Tour

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(ABC 6 News) – For some, Friday and Saturday will be ‘The Best Day’ because Taylor Swift is in Minneapolis for her Eras Tour.

In November, Taylor announced the tour following the release of her newest album, “Midnights.” Like many, for these Rochester moms, getting tickets for their daughters was ‘Treacherous.’

“Anytime someone would get in and be able to purchase tickets, by the time it was time to purchase tickets, somebody else had already gotten them,” said Melissa Peterson, the mom of 10-year-old Audrey who is going with her friends, Nora, Blythe, and their moms.

‘Long Story Short.’

“I didn’t even know where the seats were. What we were spending. I just kind of grabbed six and went with it.”

For others, it felt like it was going to be a ‘Cruel Summer.’ Including Heidi Dubé who is taking her daughters Maizy and Layla.

“It was a 10-hour day trying to get these tickets and I was trying to get three.”

Dubé’s daughters took their ‘Wildest Dreams’ into their own hands. Hosting a fundraising dinner to earn ticket money.

“They had an ‘Enchanted’ evening. They served their teachers and a few other staff in our garage. It was a seven-course meal.”

In the meantime, Mom found someone who was selling three tickets. Now they just needed two for their friends. Which was made possible with some luck from a local radio contest.

“We were all very surprised and grateful that we could go and we all had tickets,” said 9-year-old Layla.

10-year-old Blythe, Audrey, and Nora had no idea what their moms had in store for them. They were surprised by a scavenger hunt that ended with the ultimate prize.

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“Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment, and taste it.’ Concert prep has these girls ‘Bejeweled.”

“You can trade the bracelets and then you can get other bracelets,” explained Blythe Hetland.

Maizy Dubé, 10 years old, is also making some. “We made a bunch of bracelets and we made one for every album.”

For cancer survivor Natalie Swanson, this is her fourth Taylor concert. She still remembers when she heard the song that got her through her hardest times, live. ‘Long Live.’

The 18-year-old said, “It’s what I listened to during my treatments. It means so much to me. So to hear her sing it was just so special.”

Like the other girls, Natalie can’t wait for the show.

“I remember when she first announced it, I was super excited. I remember the first thing I did was put the tour date for Minnesota in the calendar.”

Taylor Swift is playing at U.S. Bank Stadium on Friday and Saturday. Both shows are sold out.