Watching for Both Rain & Snow This Week

Although nothing close to last week, we still have some activity in the forecast this week. It starts early too; we’re still expecting heavy rain on this morning’s commute. Combined snow melting with the downpours, we could see some giant puddles and even minor flooding in spots later in the day. There is also a small chance we could see some mixed precipitation, but it will be overwhelmingly, if not all, rain. Expect around 1-1.5″ of rain on the high end, with most communities likely topping out around 1″. Watch out for puddles potentially freezing overnight into Tuesday, but it shouldn’t be too widespread.

Wednesday brings more snow to our area. It’s still a little early to tell exactly what we’re looking to get, but it is still not expecting to bring NEARLY the impacts we saw last week.

Temperatures remain in the 30s through late Monday before cooling back into the low-20s Tuesday morning. Mornings do get colder as the week goes along, but highs are all around 30°F or warmer this week.