Tapping Into Colder Air, Some Get Snow

The colder air that was expected to result in more snow farther north will still result in more snow up north, but we are also getting some snow of our own around highway-14. Expect about 2-3 inches on the high end, with the best chances for these totals being around highway-14 and north. For those who live around I-90, it will be a mix of rain and snow with less snowfall overall. Any snowfall we do get is going to be wet and heavy. In northern Iowa, outside of initial snow from the early afternoon, it’s all rain with some thunder as well. Most of the snow we do get will fall quick and early, so get errands done as quick as you can.

Our best window for all of this to take place will be from 5 PM-10 PM Sunday night, with most of the activity out of the area by midnight-2 AM. We could also see a quick flurry in the forecast around midday on Monday.

Blowing snow will also be a concern with all of this snow being fresh on the ground, and winds gusting as high as 30 MPH.

After this system is out of the area, we get a break until Wednesday night. However, this next snow storm has the potential to drop even more snow, and more widespread, then what we will be experiencing over the next 12-18 hours.