Strong Storms Possible Saturday

It’s been a while since the Weather First Area has picked up a decent rainfall, and even longer it seems like since an ALERT DAY. We will get both this weekend, with the strongest storms expected Saturday, with damaging wind the primary threat by the evening, with a few storms having the potential for large hail. Heavy rain will continue through Saturday evening, Saturday night, & on/off Sunday into early Monday. Most of us will pick up over an inch of total rainfall Saturday-Monday morning, with a few places in the two inch range or more range. It should be noted, the second round of storms will be conditional on how much clearing we can achieve following the early first round, and therefore how much instability we can regain ahead of the cold front for the afternoon & evening. This first round early on has the potential to limit, possibly even cancel the evening severe threat. Be sure to keep it on ABC 6 News on air & online for the latest info!