Right on the mark for the summer solstice

In an odd twist, Minnesota’s weather is not offering up any curve balls for the summer solstice. Temperatures today are running above average, statewide, and this summer warmth and sunshine continues through the rest of this week. In a positive turn of events, there is an optimistic shot at rainfall this weekend with the likelihood of showers and thunderstorms developing Saturday through Sunday. It’s not likely to rain all weekend, but it’s the best shot at area-wide rain we’ve seen in more than a month.

With the development of stormy weather, there’s a decent chance for some soaking rain but also some stronger to severe storms. It’s something we’re keeping an eye on simply to be able to give you all a heads up, and something that’s also pretty typical for this time of year. I’m happy to see the opportunity for some good, summer rumblers. Other than this weekend’s rain chance, summer warmth and typically humid weather will continue through next week as well.