Rain Teases to Our South

For the rest of the weekend, rain is going to be teasing us south of our area in Iowa. Outside of quick showers that could clip communities around Highway-18, odds are most of us stay dry the rest of Saturday. The dry trend continues on Sunday, with clouds clearing up nicely in the afternoon.

Rain does eventually arrive though. Isolated showers and storms are possible later in the day Monday, but totals are not expected to be much. The bigger and more likely chance is Fourth of July evening as fireworks are taking place. In addition, these storms could be potentially strong or even severe. If this were to be an issue, high winds would be the biggest threat. It is a little early to tell the exact timing or any rainfall estimates from these storms.

Temperatures will be remaining warm the next few days. Highs will be in the mid to upper-80s on Sunday before we’re above 90°F on Monday. A cold front will come through sometime late Tuesday into Wednesday morning, and it will cool us off back into the mid to upper-70s the second half of the work week.