Predominantly Sunny, One Rain Chance

It’s going to be a calm week in southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa. It will still feel like Summer, but not to the same extent we experienced last week.

Dew points are still going to remain in the 50s for the majority of the forecast; they were in the 70s and even low-80s last week. The heat index won’t get as high as a result. It will also limit our rain chances. Outside of some isolated thundershowers late Monday, we are trending dry yet again. Rainfall won’t be anything that remotely cures drought conditions, and you are still more likely to stay dry.

High pressure will become stagnant later this week once Tropical Storm Idalia makes landfall as a hurricane. The hurricane will block the high pressure from moving further east similar to how Hurricane Ian did it last year, resulting in several sunny days in a row.

By next weekend, we are closer to upper-80s and even low-90s.