Little change (or rain) in store through the weekend

Highs for Thursday have been in the mid to upper-80s, and we’re in for more of the same through this weekend and beyond. From today’s perspective, there is little optimism for rain aside from some rogue, isolated downpours which the majority of us will not see outside of the green on the radar picture. The trend of light wind, plenty of sunshine, and above average warmth will continue through the next 7 days.

As far as any rain chance goes, there’s very little potential out there for anything besides isolated activity. It looks like some close to I-90 may see some isolated downpour activity this evening, north Iowa has a chance for some isolated showers or a thunderstorm late Friday afternoon to evening, and there is a very slight chance of a storm or two this weekend. It’s only worth mentioning because we’re trying to make sure anyone lucky enough to be underneath a shower isn’t completely surprised.