Consistent warmth, but occasionally windy

Tuesday’s wind has been gusting up to about 40mph at times and will be relaxing overnight into Wednesday morning. While Wednesday is going to be similarly mild, the wind will stay much lighter through the day as temperatures still make their way to the lower 60s along with mostly sunny skies. Another change in the wind arrives Thursday, and it’s going to be even windier than Tuesday with wind gusts up to around 45mph. Despite the changes in the wind, both Wednesday and Thursday are going to be unusually warm for this time of year.

Cooler air will rush in later in the day Thursday and will drop temperatures significantly on Friday. Highs will be about 20° cooler between Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon. Still, there will be plenty of sunshine and 43° is far more typical for mid-November. Comfortably cool and breezy conditions will continue from Friday through Saturday. Sunday won’t be much different, although the wind will be much lighter, making for a beautiful wrap to the weekend.

A front will slide through the region Monday into Tuesday bringing with it a chance for a few showers between Monday evening and Tuesday morning. The impact on temperatures will not be significant. High temperatures will remain in the mid-40s from Saturday through Monday and get gradually cooler going into the middle of next week.