Calm Rest of the Weekend

We have been dealing with plenty of fair weather clouds so far this weekend. They will be clearing out heading into Sunday as high pressure becomes prominent. This continues the whole day with highs reaching the low-80s. Although, you may need a hoodie early on Sunday with temperatures starting out in the low to mid-50s (a few upper-40s can’t be ruled out either).

High pressure does not last long. Rain looks to build in multiple times during the work week, with our first real opportunity being late Monday into early Tuesday. Severe weather is not likely with this system despite how much energy we will build up, but storms are expected to build in out in front of a cold front.

Behind the cold front will be upper-70s and low-80s the rest of the week. In addition, the cold front also could bring a return of some hazy skies from the ongoing Canadian Wildfires. It’s not expected to be as dense as we have seen several times earlier this Summer, but it could become noticeable by Tuesday this upcoming week.

A couple more rain chances are plausible the rest of the work week, but nothing drought busting as of now.