Calm, Cooler Stretch Continues

Get used to 60s and low-70s. The cold front associated with yesterday’s storms is well out of our area now. Clouds will continue to linger the rest of Sunday. Northern Iowans are in line for some light showers throughout the evening, but chances get lower the farther north you live. A few isolated showers remain possible on and off over the next couple days. Although, anything we see here on out will be lighter rainfall than what we saw Saturday afternoon. For the most part, rainfall that we do get will be light enough that it will be hard to measure.

Clouds will clear up more later this week, allowing for temperatures to get back into the 70s more widespread. During the morning is when we will be feeling most like fall. Towards the middle of the week, we’re starting out in the mid-40s. It’s a week where temperatures are slightly below average.

Our best rain chance the rest of this week is later Tuesday, but nothing we get the next few days will turn around the drought conditions.