Air Quality Alerts Continue, Dry Week Ahead

It’s yet another week where we are dealing with air quality alerts and not many opportunities for rain in our area. Air quality is still “better” overall than what it was Saturday, but still enough to block out sunlight and be unhealthy for anyone. Haze will continue to clear out both at the surface and high up in the atmosphere heading into this upcoming week, but we are unlikely to return to the healthy air quality that we saw last weekend for at least a few days if not longer.

Rain is going to be hard to come by once again this week. The rain on Tuesday that was looking plausible to track into our area is now more likely to track further south of us altogether. Outside of this, Wednesday is our only other opportunity until next weekend, but we’re only looking at isolated showers here at the moment.

Temperatures going forward are going to be relatively cool on Monday in the mid-70s. We get warmer and warmer as the week goes along, and we’re up to the mid-80s by next weekend.