The Latest: Biden: ‘Painful milestone’ of 700,000 US deaths

President Joe Biden mourned “the painful milestone” of 700,000 American deaths from COVID-19, a day after the U.S. surpassed that mark late Friday. The president says in a statement “the astonishing death toll is yet another reminder of just how important it is to get vaccinated.” He says the nation has “made extraordinary progress” in the fight against the coronavirus in the past eight months because of vaccines. Biden says thanks to vaccines, “hundreds of thousands of families have been spared the unbearable loss that too many Americans have already endured during this pandemic.” He notes more than three-quarters of all Americans age 12 and up have received at least one vaccine dose. Biden adds vaccines “will help us beat COVID-19 and move forward, together, as one nation.”

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10/2/2021 4:20:06 PM (GMT -5:00)