Supply chain issues still causing problems at Minnesota grocery stores

If you’re struggling to find groceries you’re used to buying, you’re not alone.

Stores across the country and here in Minnesota continue to deal with ongoing food shortages due to the pandemic.

Jim Almsted, owner of Almsted’s Fresh Market in Crystal is in an ongoing battle with supply chain issues.

“Sometimes we don’t know what’s going to be on the truck or what we’re going to be short of,” Almsted said. “There’s a lot of things we can be short of a couple of days. Some things we’ve been short of a couple of weeks.”

The shortages being reported nationwide are widespread, impacting produce and meat as well as packaged goods such as cereal.

“Don’t get too frustrated. We’re all in this together,” said Jamie Pfuhl, president of the Minnesota Grocers Association. “Have a mindset that maybe this is the product you really like but we’re willing to try something else. Try a different size. Even be able to shift your menu plan as you go in. I think will help your frustration.”

The ongoing pandemic, labor shortages and trucking issues are to blame for the supply struggles.