Prepping your plants for winter

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(ABC 6 NEWS) – It’s getting colder outside each day and we are already starting to see frost because of this it might be a good time to start prepping your plants for winter.

Right now, you can start trimming up your plants and getting rid of some of that old foliage, so it is ready to go in the spring.

That way, there are no bugs sitting inside or any sort of fungus when they are ready to regrow in the spring.

"If you let a plant keep growing especially like a big shrub if you let it keep growing and growing it starts to get woody it doesn’t start sending out smaller branches with leaves on it and you kind of get to a point where it is too overgrown and the only option is to take it out and replace it so trying to keep those plant healthy longer," said Megan Magee who is an Estimator at Family Tree Landscape and Nursery.

So how much should you take off? A good rule of thumb is to remove a third of the plant. Otherwise, they could die if you take off too much.