Gov. Walz signs executive order to protect abortion care for Minn., surrounding states

(ABC 6 News) – Saturday, Governor Tim Walz took executive action to protect reproductive health care services in Minnesota.

Under the Minnesota Constitution, abortion remains legal in Minnesota, but Minnesota’s neighboring states are expected to severely restrict the reproductive freedom. Executive Order 22-16 will help protect people seeking or providing abortions in Minnesota from laws in other states.

“My office has been and will continue to be a firewall against legislation that would reverse reproductive freedom,” said Governor Walz. “This order shows our administration’s commitment to protecting patients and health care providers. Our administration is doing everything we can to protect individuals’ right to make their own health care decisions.”

To the maximum extent permitted under the United States and Minnesota Constitutions and Minnesota law, the Governor will decline to honor requests to extradite individuals who are accused of committing acts related to reproductive health care that are not criminal offenses in Minnesota.

Executive Order 22-16 also orders state agencies to work to protect Minnesotans providing, seeking, or obtaining lawful reproductive health care services to the fullest extent of their lawful authority. Except when required to do so by law, state agencies must not assist other states in attempts to seek civil, criminal, or professional sanctions against anyone who provides, seeks, or obtains health care services that are legal in Minnesota.

Executive Order 22-16 is effective immediately.