Getting the most for your money at the grocery store

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(ABC 6 News) – With inflation causes rising prices across the country. It can be a bit tough to save money at the grocery store right now.

During winter, prices increase on fresh produce. Therefore, it is recommended to buy frozen fruit and veggies not only, because they are in a bigger supply, but because they stay fresh longer.

By buying whole foods, particularly in produce, your bill can come out a lot lower.

"By focusing on a lot of whole foods, you’re not paying the same price that it would cost to get something that’s pre-prepared or preseasoned or precut up. Because then you’re not paying somebody to do that prep for you, but you’re still getting whole foods healthy foods those kinds of things," said Registered Dietitian Alea Lester Fite.

When it comes to shopping for meat, it is recommended to buy in bulk and defrost or cook as you need to.