DPS: More than 17,000 speeding citations issued in July on Minnesota roads

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reported a total of 17,205 speeding citations were issued within the last month. That’s the most in comparison to the last four of five years.

Officers, deputies and state troopers from 294 agencies across Minnesota reported the citations during the July 1-31 campaign,
which included extra patrols and awareness efforts. The DPS Office of Traffic Safety coordinates the campaign with funding provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Results from the previous campaigns are as follows:

  • 2020: 323 agencies reported 16,122 speed citations
  • 2019: 322 agencies reported 21,439 speed citations
  • 2018: 317 agencies reported 14,661 speed citations
  • 2017: 319 agencies reported 16,580 speed citations
  • 2016: 316 agencies reported 13,214 speed citations

More agencies also reported vehicles traveling at speeds of 100 miles per hour or faster in comparison to last year. To see a full list of speeding citations and highest speed by participating agencies, click here.

Law enforcement also mentioned a few excuses for speeding used, such as "arguing over the phone with her mom regarding fast food and didn’t realize her speed," and "it’s a hybrid, and I can’t hear the engine."

The campaign also saw 94 speed-related deaths on Minnesota roads. That’s the most recorded since the campaign began. In total, 257 people died on Minnesota roads in the timespan.

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